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What are the problems should be paid attention to, when usin

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Liquid filling machine just applies to low concentration liquid,
And it can not be used to other purposes. To guarantee the safety production, please follow next note:
1、Use the suitable gas source and power which are correspond to the requirement.。   
2、Ensure cutting the gas source and electric power before dismantling the liquid filling machine.  
3、In the back part of liquid filling machine(closed to control button) is equipped with electrical control components, don’t washing the machine body with water directly, or it will have risk of electric shock and damage the electrical control components.
4、To avoid electric shock , the machine must be equipped with good ground connection. Please prepare a power socket which has ground electrode.
5、After turn off the electric power, there is still electric pressure in some circuit of electric control system, so when check the electric control system, the power line must be pulled up.
  When operating the filling machine, customers should follow as the introduction book strictly. Don’t operate the machine optionally. When maintaining the machine, operator must follow the above notes.