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Mineral water production process

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Mineral water production process

Chinese drinking natural mineral water national standards: drinking natural mineral water is from the depths of the underground natural or artificially exposed uncontaminated underground mineral water; contains a certain amount of mineral salts, trace elements and carbon dioxide gas; in the usual In the case of its chemical composition, flow, water temperature and other dynamic in the natural fluctuation range is relatively stable.

The national standard also defines limits for mineral water standards such as lithium, strontium, zinc, bromide, iodide, metasilicic acid, selenium, free carbon dioxide, and dissolved total solids. Which must have a (or more) indicators meet the above ingredients, can be called natural mineral water.

According to the characteristics of mineral water components to achieve the main types of national standards are divided into nine categories:

① partial silicic acid mineral water ② strontium mineral water ③ zinc mineral water ④ lithium mineral water ⑤ selenium mineral water ⑥ bromine mineral water ⑦ iodine mineral water ⑧ carbonated mineral water ⑨ salt mineral water.

Mineral water purchase points:
1) to see whether the label meets the labeling requirements of food labels, to see whether the product name, water source, bromate content, registered trademark, date and other content, if not, you should not buy.

2) to see whether the cap is intact, flat, the bottle is inverted to the phenomenon of leakage.

3) to see if the contents of the bottle there are other colors or floc precipitation, if there is such a phenomenon should not be purchased.

4) qualified mineral water drinking should be no smell mixed taste. Such as lead and sodium mineral water slightly salty taste; with high calcium and magnesium with astringency; somewhat salty because the content of strontium is relatively high; with high carbon dioxide mineral water has a unique sense of excitement. In addition to the above should pay attention to the conditions, the general formal mineral water manufacturers, are more emphasis on packaging, fine and beautiful.

5) packaging identification: high-quality mineral water multi-purpose non-toxic plastic bottle packaging, handsome in appearance, fine workmanship; cap with a broken plastic anti-counterfeit cover, and some anti-counterfeit internal plug; surface full use of trademarks, , Product name, site, production date is complete, that the mineral water in a variety of trace elements and content, and some also marked inspection, certification unit name.

6) color and water identification: high-quality mineral water clean, colorless and transparent, no suspended solids and sediment, water is not sticky.

7) smell and taste identification: high-quality mineral water pure, refreshing no smell, and some with the goods of special taste, such as slightly salty and so on.