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Food Filling Machinery Becomes Functionalization

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In recent years, with the development of technology of packing machine and the increase of market requirement, shrewd machine manufacturers have developed the multifunction food filling machine to meet the packing requirement. Recently Slark company has developed a new series of filling machines which can be applied to various products, various containers and various size. This system can replace the traditional sterilizer tunnel, and the filling head which is controlled by magnetic can reach the sterile effect when filling the liquid and semiliquid( pulp, fruit)at the same time.   

  Electronic capacity type filling machine. Now there is a new series of electric capacity type filling machine. This kind of machine is equipped with electric flow meter filling valve, and it can be used to all kinds of bottles. This machine is equipped with the control interface which RAM has 99 groups of products specifications. It can ensure the continuous transmission of data through the PLC which rotated with the interface randomly. The filling part is controlled by the special flow meter on the filling valve. When filling, there is no vertical mechanical working, so it is no attrition, maintenance-free, easy washing. The sterile control valve does not touch with the container, so it is applied to fill in sterile condition.  
Electronic rotation type PET filling machine is a new model of filling machine. It is a new system of electronic rotation type washing, filling and capping. It adopts the “bottleneck” type transmission system, and the exchange for different bottle size and packing can be finished in a minute. It is used to non-carbonated beverage, soft drink and pulp beverage. The filling temperature can be 5℃-70℃, The production capacity can be 44000 bottles per hour.    

New container back pressure electronic filling machine is a new kind of filling machine. It is developed according to the theory of magnetic flow meter. It has three types of filling: sterile gas beverage which bottle touches with spray mouth, sterile no-gas beverage which the bottle do not touch with spray mouth, and  no-gas and gas beverage which the bottle do not touch with spray mouth. This machine can be looked as a almighty filling system, it can deal with all kinds of bottle size and it has high quality of packing and good safety of operation.