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Application And Classification Of Liquid Filling Machine

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Liquid filling machine is mainly used to Lotion, nursing liquid, oral liquid, detergent, wash the eye drops, nutrient solution, alcohol, injection, pesticide, medicine, perfume, cooking oil, lubricating oil and other special industry liquid filling. 

The classification of liquid filling machine 
Liquid filling machine can be classified with normal pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine.
Normal pressure filling machine is filled under the barometric pressure. This kind of filling machine can be classified as timing filling machine and constant volume filling machine. It is only used to fill low viscosity liquid  and no-gas liquid , such as milk, wine and  so on  
Pressure filling machine is filled under the pressure higher than barometric pressure. It also can be classified into two kinds, one is the pressure in liquid tank is same with the pressure in bottle, the liquid flow into the bottle by itsleft weight, it is called isobaric filling, the other is the pressure in liquid tank is higher than the pressure in bottle, and the liquid flows into bottle by the pressure difference, and many high speed production lines adopt this way. Pressure filling machine is mainly used to fill the gas liquid filling , such as beer, soft drink, champagne and so on.     
Vacuum filling machine is worked when the pressure in bottle is lower than the barometric pressure. The structure of this kind of filling machine is simple, and the efficiency is high. It is applied to a wider viscosity range of material, such as oil, syrup, fruit wine and so on.  
Now the market need to filling machine is increasing as 7% per year. It has reached 45 billion. And the fastest developing market is in developing country, especially in China.