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air conveyor

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 Is designed for PET bottle conveying. Air conveyor also named pneumatic conveying. It is based on the gas flow away to make the material is transported into a designated place. Air conveying is more advanced feeding material mode. The gas flow was generated by air blower. 
Air channel uses stainless steel 304 and holding rail adopts imported HDPE macromolecule material, featuring bottle stability, non-jam, non-lock and so on.
HEPA filter is installed on fan inlet, avoiding dust blowing into bottles.
1. Adopting airflow transmits theory, high transmit speed
2. Greatly reduce floor space due to overhead cradle installation, increase usage rates of plant.
3. Bottle hold bar adjustable automatically, apply to various of bottles.
4. Adopting frequency speed regulation and air blowing rate regulate devices to adjust airflow supply speed. Guarantee PET bottle be conveyed uniformly to avoid impaction.
5.Split-flow,confluence,displacer(two to two)all be controlled automatically (bottle gripper device installed in air duct),accomplish path(air pipe)option. And also can implement camera remote monitoring.
6. Bottle gripper made of high polymer material to prevent bottle abrasion.
7.Whole course monitored by Photo electricity sensor, go up and down, change frequent automatically, bring down energy cost, also can judge PET transmit in block situation and solved the problem automatically by cylinder patting PET bottle.