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roller conveyor

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Reliable supplies a wide variety of powered roller conveyors to suit any conveying requirement, these include
 Lineshaft Driven Rollers
 Motorised Rollers (ZLP Zero Line Pressure)
 Heavy Duty Rollers
 Chain Driven Conveyors for handling heavier products and pallets.
Powered roller conveyors are used in a wide range of automated handling installations such as feeding product to an assembly, packaging station or machinery; sortation systems; order picking through to dispatch, etc. Roller Conveyors are ideal for 
tote handing, case handling and carton handling etc.
In the more sophisticated conveyor solutions, there is often a demand for individual flow control and tracking of items by way of Bar codes or RF tags as well as minimum pressure contact or zero-pressure contact accumulation.
Non-contact, zero pressure accumulation conveyors can be used when handling delicate or varying shapes and sizes of product which need to queued without contact, this will avoid damage or jamming of products on the conveyor.