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Pouch Filling Machine

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This machine is suitable for packing jelly, soy milk, mineral water, juice, ice cream, edible oil, seasoning, scour and so on.
Machine functions include: Manual pouch putting, filling, mouth cleaning, cap arranging, cap-screwing, final product outlet. Work automatically from position filling-spout head washing-automatic cap screwing -pouch discharging-liquid level controlling.
Functions are adjustable according to customers’ requirements. This is a new food packing machine that features an efficient design with outstanding performance.

1, selection of domestic high quality components to ensure the machine high and stable low trouble.
2, sealing, product variety, seal, and four in the edge-sealing edge-sealing, wide, etc. Of edge-sealing
3, adjust arbitrarily long bag, do not need to change parts.
4, hot sealing temperature control, ensure double road temperature accurately.
5, automatic print to 8 digits production date.
6, the use of advanced photoelectric tracking control bag, can maintain a whole design with long, number of packages by electronic counting.

1.Adopts the man-machine conversation interface,PLC and the transducer communicating with each other to display and control the each functions and the running state, stable and reliable.
2. The Double channel temperature of the horizontal and vertical is controlled by intelligent temperature controlling device.
3. Intelligent photo cell orientation, transform discretionarily between the light/shade. Strongly anti-jamming, when two bags can’t catch up with the upper mark the machine will stop and give an alarm.
4. The packaging speed can be adjusted continuously within specified range. Orientation open mouth and stop.
5. The integrative cutter has a device of dustproof with it. It is very easy to adjust the cutter’s position.
6. The bag-making has high precision. Easily Operation and maintain.
7. Having functions just like paper cutting,bag-stopped up,safe door detecting and so on.
8.  Measurement adopts adjustable cup method, which is accorded with the national measurement standard.