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Split type CIP cleaning

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Heating type of cleaning liquids is automatic heating .Temperature of cleaning is set on temperature controller, and steam regulator valves are controlled to regulate flowing volume of steam, in order to make cleaning liquid kept to the temperature needed. Automatic alarming and indication are adopted for ievel control in ail tanks of CIP station. When concentration of cleaning liquid is not up to the concentration of cleaning, thick acid liquids or thick alkali liquids wifi be added through pneumatic diaphragm pumps.During cleaning, CIP liquids are fed through pipes and valves by operators.Operators shall add water into tanks when they are in shortage of water.
Advantages: automatic control on heating of cleaning liquid is utilized to regulate temperature of cleaning to the temperature required by technologies. Thick acid liquids or thick alkali liquids are added through pneumatic diaphragm pumps, which improves safety in operation. Cost is reduced by automatic control on temperature and alarming of levels .
Disadvantages: comparatively high capital investment. Requirements on maintenance technicians are comparatively high. Accurate control on temperature, safety in operation, both reduce production cost capital. Investment on production is not very high. Therefore, it is a good choice for all large, medium and small enterprises of foods in China.